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About "Bistrici Na Rinku"
Dances from Čierny Balog (Middle Slovakia)

Balocké / Dances from Čierny Balog (Pohronie - Middle Slovakia)

tomáš brunovský - violin, vocals
ivan hanula - violin, vocals
laco fekete - violin, vocals
michal brdársky - accomp. viola, vocals
martin brunovský - accomp. violin, vocals
peter obuch - bass, vocals

© 2015 MUZIČKA

Muzička has a kind of special status on the Slovak traditional music and dance scene. It happened to be at the birth of the new movement in Slovak traditional music and dance interpretation in the90-ties. Young musicians started to reject the previously established kitschy-romantic adaptations of traditional material and decided to dedicate their attention mainly to the study of authentic recor... more
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