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About "Coyoualli"
Coyohualli” is a new exciting collaboration single featuring renown Italian harpist Adriano Sangineto, as well as an introduction to the audience the one and only Dafne Carballo on vocals and bass, as a great addition to our ranks.

Alluding to the Nahuatl word that represents the sonorous conch or sea shells and the references to water that metaphorize life and fecundity, Coyohualli portrays in an experiential way, the vision of a fisherman who has carried his trade and love of the sea for generations.

Sadly and without giving more importance to his demands, he is deprived of the freedom to exercise his trade. And for this reason, within his colloquial expressions, he disdainfully quotes phrases that put the sea as the love of his life, his greatest love, the unrequited one.

However, by his unreachable hands, he quotes perjuries to that great love that does not allow him to get close, at least not in the way that
made him fall in love.

Our Coyohualli has a voice of his own, and if you pay attention, you will be able to hear between notes and phrases, the voice of Coyohualli, the voice... of the heart of the sea.
released February 16, 2024


Adriano Sangineto - Arpa Celta (Invitado especial)
Yazhmín Castañón - Flauta Transversa
Dafne Carballo - Voz principal
Daniel Gutierrez - Guitarra acústica
Adrian Lopez - Guitarra eléctrica y coros
Gerardo Aponte - Viola y arreglos adicionales.
Bicho Soto - Bateria
Chatrán González - Composición, dirección, programación y percusión.


Ulises Juarez - Tracking en Limom Kanan Studios
Emmanuel Ortiz - Mix y master en emmanuelortiz.com
Chatrán González - Edición y preproducción en Cedaro Media