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Mosquera Celtic Band
About ""Inis Mór Girl""
One of the places I visited during my first trip to Ireland was the beautiful “Inis Mór” (meaning Big Island in Gaelic). It belongs to Galway County and the Aran Islands (Inis Mór, Inis Meán and Inis Oírr). It’s the last bit of land in the Atlantic, as further along you hit Canada…
The musical arrangement of this song is a hornpipe which I learned from the fantastic John McSherry: “Rose in the gap”, borrowing it from the Irish duo Là Lugh (Gerry O’Connor & Eithne Ní Uallachain), who they themselves borrowed it from the Donnellan Collection of Oriel Songs and Dances.
I wrote the lyrics myself as a tribute to the Irish woman. The charming Irish voice of the beautiful Ciara brings about the lure and sensuality I was looking for. As soon as I met her I knew this song was for her… and I wasn’t mistaken.

- Manu: violin.
- Javier: acoustic and electric guitars.
- Óscar: electric bass.
- Alberto: Hammond organ.
- Manuel: shaker.
- José Alberto: drums.
- Fernando: low whistles, tin-whistles, midi bagpipes MBS300 Hevia Electronic Bagpipes, bodhràn and programming.
- John McSherry: uilleann pipes concert pitch (D), uilleann pipes (C) and regulators.
- Ciara McCrickard: voice.
- Dónal O’Connor: programming.

·Mosquera Celtic Band· is a Spanish band specialized in Galician Folk/Pop. Its Director, the bagpiper Fernando Mosquera, is a well-known celtic multi-instrumentalist in Spain and he can play nearly 50 different instruments. He's the creator of the whole repertoire of the 'Celtic Band', lyrics included in Galician, English and Spanish language.

·Mosquera Cel... more
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