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About "Mirza Redzepagic - Fuente y Caudal (Paco de Lucia)"
The composition in Flamenco Clásicos series is this famous Taranta of maestro Paco de Lucia. As one of the most difficult compositions of the flamenco repertoire it was very challenging to prepare and perform such an amazing piece of music, honouring the best guitarist of flamenco world.

Paco de Lucia (1947 - 2014) is the most important flamenco figure of all times. No need to share the details of his life, artistic influence and development since it is well known fact worldwide. I can only say that he was the person that influenced me since my young ages to start playing guitar.

* I am dedicating this performance to my father who opened the door of guitar music since I was a child.

The sound is recorded live with DPA 4099 microphone.

Guitar: Hermano Sanchiz Lopez 1F 2012
Strings: Knobloch Active Q.Z. Nylon - High Tension