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Influence: Asian
2 times in the Global Top 40
About "Gada Meilin - Mawaca"
Song reminiscent of the Mongolian folk hero Gada Meilin, whose life was told in a long poem of over 2,000 lines. After being banned by the Mao government, the song was translated into Mandarin, becoming quite popular and is now part of Chinese music collections.
The song “Gada Meilin” is part of Mawaca album Nama Pariret, released in October 2022 with arrangements by Chen Yi and Magda Pucci.
This track features singers Angélica Leutwiller, Cris Miguel, Magda Pucci, Rita Braga, Valéria Zeidan and Zuzu Leiva with special participation by Alfredo Rezende on er-hu and Ana Eliza Colomar on cello and dizi flute.
Music Direction: Magda Pucci
Directed by Carlos Magalhães (Laranjeiras Productions)
Cinematography by Vinícius Berger
Produced by Amanda Moraes (Ethos Produtora de Arte e Cultura)
Recorded at Vila dos Gateos and Escola dos Sete Portaos