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Influence: Balkan
Genre: world music
About "Mare Vostrum | Cant De La Sirena"
The Mermaid's Song brings to us an example of those times in life when seduction prevents us from seeing the true nature of things. Just as with Homer's Odyssey, the trick is to marvel in the song itself and not be taken in by the chaos, and forget our true ambitions, our fate.

We are prevented by the spell from seeing reality, and instead tempted to the edge of the abyss, overcome by the enchantment of the song. The story is told through the sounds of the baglama and voice, both perfectly integrated into karşılamas rhythms typical of the historical and geographical Thrace region in Southeastern Europe, centred on the modern day borders of Bulgaria. The tune advances to a rythm of 2-2-2-3, alternating with 2-2-3-2.