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About "Single Deff Tache "
This Song is Dedicated To All My fans , my family Particularly '' Deff Tache Family ' My dream and my goal have been clear from the beginning. My dream was never to become a superstar. My goal was never to be famous. It was to live my entire life being a musician. Everyday, I'm living that dream and I'm working hard to stabilize it. I guess the pressure came from the fact that my dream and my goal might not be as 'fancy' or 'glamorous' as the expections of those that have supported me all along. But I realized I was wrong. Everyone that has supported me has been there for me because they wanted me to live out my dream, no matter what it may be. Again, this song is dedicated to all my fans ,my family and my friends. You made my dreams into reality and it's all the more meaningful that I'm making something out of the love and support that YOU have given me.