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Influence: India , Gypsy
About "Sajjan Yaar"
'Sajjan Yaar' is a Sufi (mystical) piece of poetry in Siraiki language (from Pakistan), weaved into a folk composition particular to the system of music/scales from Sindh, especially southern Sindh, Cholistan, northern Punjab.
The song features Wahid Bakhsh Faqeer (a veteran folk artist) on male vocals, and the lyricist is a late Sufi saint. The melody has been co-written by myself and Wahid.

The main idea in the poetry is a longing to unite (a very Sufic concept of unison with the Beloved (Allah)) with Allah, and expresses a few states of being along the way, also some devotional verses about the qualities of the Beloved, that being the Divine (Allah), while being in praise of 'Panj-tan Pak' (the sacred pentagon of Prophet Mohammad & his family) in the last verse, as per the focal belief of some Sufic orders.