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Madalitso Band
About "Ndalakwanji"
Madalitso Band is back !! It's exciting to have a pure Madalitso Song, with the Malawian groove we have come to know and love them by. In fact, Ndalakwanji was one of the first tracks the duo wrote together, and as a result it captures the Madalitso sound in its rawest form! It's babatone bouncing from Yobu, the steady kick and lush guitar riffs of Yosefe, and the unmistakable vocal harmonies. The lyrics of the song are relevant to the situation in the world today. Ndalakwanji means 'What have I done wrongly?'

“There are challenges everywhere, prices have gone up, there is disease - what have I done wrongly? We are free people, but some people want it all - how can that be good - surely we are all one. Tsoko Ilo - it seems there is a bad omen. What have I done wrongly?”

Video by Satellite Entertainment

Music credits :
Song by Madalitso Band
Recorded by Neil Nayar
Mixed by Shadrek Kalukusha

With just an acoustic guitar and foot drum, an outsize, home-made, one-string babatone, two voices in sweet harmony and buckets of charm, Malawi's dynamic duo have elevated audiences at WOMAD and Roskilde and a host of venues throughout Europe. Previously they had been earning a living playing on the streets of their home-town Lilongwe for ten years before they were discovered by a local produc... more
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