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ARAVOT LUSO /The Dawn Song
(Breviary chant)
by Poet, Musician and Catholicos Nerses Shnorhali, 12th c.
Vocals: Lucineh Hovanissian
Bells: Grigor Arakelian
An experimental rendition of a mysterious sacred hymn to SOLAR POWER from XII century. Each consecutive line of the poem represents a letter of the Armenian alphabet from the first Ա (A) to the 7th է (pronounced Eh). This recording makes part of the soundtrack of the Malayalam film ''Unmadiyude Maranam'' by Sanal K. Sasidharan (Niv Art Movies, 2019).

Arising Light, awakening the morning,
Ascending Righteous Sun,
Arise, make your Light dawn on me.

Born of the Father,
Bring forth from my soul,
Bring forth words pleasing to You.

Consider me, compassionate Lord,
Call me to find the hidden treasure-
Concealed jewel of Your Mercy.

Doorway of Mercy, open to me,
Disclose Thy light to Your devotee,
Define and rank me with the highest ones.
Translation from Armenian by Lucineh Hovanissian