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Influence: Mediterranean , Balkan
About "MI"
A composition and piano performance of Melih Kibar. Piano track courtesy of Melki productions - Istanbul. Our beloved Melih Kibar passed away 12 years ago. We had plans to do a recording together however Melih went to other worlds and we could not realize our plans. Nevertheless Ethel Kibar was so kind to send us a recording of Melih on the Piano. Around his piano an arrangement was created and that way we still managed to play with Melih although he was not physically present."Solfege" Alexandros Azat Saoulis and narration by Asimoula Azize Saoulis. A small theme was added by Yannis Saoulis as an answer to Melihs melody. Arranged, produced and engineered by Yannis Saoulis. Kanun Gorkem Saoulis... All the family so to speak...