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About "Addhumare"
Addhumare (2023) The Bright Light on the Sea
Italy - 5:14 mins
Directed by Hermes Mangialardo
A modern fairy tale from the early 1900s. Under the light of Gallipoli's lighthouse, a humble fisherman falls in love with the daughter of the local baron.

Created, directed and animated by Hermes Mangialardo

Music by Khaossia
Luca Congedo, Flute
Fabio Turchetti, Accordion & Stings
Vincenzo Urso, Percussions

Stella Temperanza, motion captured dancer

Piero Schirinzi, Backgrounds & Characters Illustrations

Illustrazione finale di Forough Raihani

Plas Media, co-production

Programmazione Puglia Sounds Producers 2022