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About "Melograno, Mosaico, Khaossia"
Mosaico is Khaossia’s new work. Recorded in 2021 in Salento, it is inspired by the exceptional mosaic that the Greek monk Pantaleone created for the floor of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata in Otranto. The clearly Byzantine mosaic was completed between 1163 and 1166 by the monk, who belonged to the Hellenistic pictorial school of the monastery of San Nicola di Casole.
The entire floor of the Otranto cathedral is a wonderful tale depicted by Pantaleone. Pantaleone represents the history of humanity and the journey of redemption that a man needs to undertake as a consequence of his sins, through the allegoric image of the arbor vitae, among whose branches figures belonging to Genesis, the Breton cycle, the mythological and bestiary repertoire appear. In the genesis of their sixth original work, Khaossia started from the symbolic and allegorical aspect, interpreting it in a secular, contemporary and dreamlike key. They placed their focus on the plants depicted within the mosaic. These come to life and tell, through music, images and texts, the experiences of which they have been spectators in an indefinite time and space. The CD was recorded for the CPC and CNI labels.

Sono il melograno e sono qui
Sono nato sotto queste pietre
I miei frutti hanno tanti chicchi
Stanno insieme
E formano trame più volte intrecciate

I am the pomegranate tree and I am here
I was born on these stones
My fruit have many seeds
Close together
They form intricate patterns