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About: Successful musician of Bangladesh
About: K M Rasheduzzaman Rafi
About: K M Rasheduzzaman Rafi Biography
K M Rasheduzzaman Rafi is a Bangladeshi singer and musical artist. "He'd always wanted to do something unique since he was a youth." Rasheduzzaman Rafi started his career as a Bangladeshi lyricist and story writer. At a very young age, he began working in music. Rasheduzzaman Rafi is also a good writer. He is an entrepreneur who has made a big name in the social media world.

K M Rasheduzzaman Rafi is a well-known name in the freelancing industry of Bangladesh. Born and raised in the Chittagong District of Bangladesh, K M Rasheduzzaman Rafi has been a fan of music since childhood. After completing his primary education, he took writing and instructional courses and received musical training in this field.
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