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About "Jai Love (Studio Performance)"
Dhun in Raga Desh 'Jai Love' performed by Joel 'Veena' Eisenkramer (Indian slide guitar), Amit Singhal (Bansuri) and Suraj Nirwan (Tabla).

Stream Joel Veena music: https://vibe.to/joelveena

"I composed this piece for my wife Vidhi's birthday last year. It is a hymn to love, celebrating the victory of love over all obstacles."

Original composition by Joel Veena. Recorded on 28 March, 2019 at NRAI Studio in Delhi, India.
Video by Vidhi Salla
Audio recording by Rohit Kullu, NRAI Studio
Mixing by Joel 'Veena' Eisenkramer, Root Cellar Sound
Mastering by Tom Hutten, Bionic Mastering
Appears on the album 'Milap' available on streaming and digital music platforms everywhere.