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Influence: African , Middle Eastern
Genre: africa
About "Djihati Kelo"
Featuring Roman Bunka on Oud

...Like Hate and Love, Born in the same Heart
...Like Light and Darkness, Born in the same Eyes

The 11th of September 2001, is one of the dark days in human history.
There have been so very many dark days in our evolution, it seems that history teaches us nothing.
Through the presence of mass media, everyone with a TV or radio could witness the catastrophe in New York that day.
It hit me deeply for quite a long time and I knew I needed to express my emotions from that day in music.
I believe there should be No Holy War except the one against yourself to become a better person.
We have been performing Djihati Kelo live since that time but only now did we get an opportunity to record the song. ...Tormenta Jobarteh

Music and Lyrics by Tormenta Jobarteh
Arrangement by Tormenta Jobarteh
Horn Arrangement by Gerhard Wagner