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About "I'll Be Fine"
The opening track for Jazzanitza's live album: Live at ARCUB, Bucharest, release date: 1.07.2020

I’ll Be Fine is one of those tunes that you write as a way to express the unstoppable volcano of contrasting emotions erupting from you at times. This is why the melody rapidly shifts between different rhythms and melodic moods. The idea for this piece is also influenced by a popular genre in Bulgarian instrumental folk music, called “kitka” (a medley), where a number of melodic phrases from different dances are stringed together to form more of an artistic (showcase-like) piece of dance music.

“This is a new generation of Bulgarian “alchemists” who take our folk music on an interesting journey to New York, perhaps Amsterdam…and back!”
Theodossi Spassov - world-famous Bulgarian kaval player


Jazzanitza is a new generation of ethno-jazz which translates the ancient Balkan groove and the improvisational legacy of the Bulgari... more
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