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February 02/27/19, 2019

We are thrilled to announce the release of our 24th CD "Old School" today, 9/26/13.

This is a very special CD to us for a few reasons. We have always wanted to do a "Live" recording of our group, James Kennedy & Friends. This year, we were fortunate enough to do so at Catamount Recording in Cedar Falls. Thank you to  Travis Huisman who did a superb job of helping us capture the "live" sound of the group. This gave us a chance to do some of the tunes that have always been "audience favorites" at our concerts but which just didn't work right in a "multi-tracking" situation. So the CD has tunes you love to hear and that we love to play!  We also want to thank Russ Block for the fantastic drawing of our group which graces the cover of the CD. Russ, you really captured the "vibe", thanks!   And of course, we thank all of our who've come to our concerts over the years. You guys are the reason we keep on keepin' on!   So, here's "Old School" - we hope you enjoy it!