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Jaffa Road
About "Until When (Eli, Shema Koli/Sidi Habibi)"
‘Until When’ (Eli, Shema Koli / Sidi Habibi) is the lead single from Jaffa Road’s upcoming album which is scheduled for release in the fall of 2021. The song is an original arrangement of a traditional melody that comes from the Jewish communities of Morocco and Algeria. Traditionally sung in Hebrew or Arabic, this is the first version we know of that combines both languages into a single performance.

“Jaffa Road plumbs the history of diverse cultures for inspiration, reviving ancient wisdom in ways resonant with a cosmopolitan city like contemporary Toronto...there are ideas there that apply as much to the making of a community, and a world, as they do to making music." ~ Jim Coyle, The Toronto Star

Jaffa Road is a highly acclaimed Toronto-based ensemble, featuring some of ... more
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