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March 03/17/13, 2013
FLASH NEWS !!!  JALEBI Music ...#1…NUMBER ONE  at  INDIEPENDENCE Music Net  on the “Top Ten Artists” (World) and “Top Ten Songs” (World) Charts


JALEBI Music News Flash! We are very happy to announce more good news! We are still #1 Number One on the Indiependence Music “Top Ten Artists (World)” Chart!!!  

We are also very grateful to our fans for helping to keep one of our most popular songs  “Jaya Radhe (The Girl Has Got It All)” at the #1 Number One at Indiependence Music on the “Top Ten Songs (World) Chart!  Thanks a million! J

To see our #1 chart positions just click on the “All Genres” menus and find the category “World” in alphabetical order on the “Top Ten Artists” Chart  and do the same for the “Top Ten Songs”! Chart. Thank you!

Please click on the link here below to see our web page and the classification charts on the left hand side of the web page!

JALEBI Music would like to take this moment to once again thank all of our friends and fans from around the world who have never stopped showing how much they like and appreciate our music! We have been truly blessed! May Sri Krsna shower all of you with transcendental blessings, too! :))  Keep on spreading the word and the transcendental love vibrations! Hare Krsna! Hariiiiibol!

***JALEBI Music band members:

-Shirley Marie Bradby aka MiraBai Devi Dasi (lead singer, vocals and lyrics)

-Ramananda Roy Das (bass guitar and other instruments)

-Yasoda Nandana Das (guitar, musical composition, and various instruments)