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About "Sea Of Fire"
The renowned Persian poetry of the Sufi mystic, Hafez, pulsates with love for humanity, scorns, hypocrisy and medioxrity and unites the mundance with the mystic's quest for divine union.
(translated from Persian, sung in Urdu)

" Distractions and escapes will not calm
The anxietes of the heart,
I have tried to persuade my heart
Many times, but it does not listen.
My heart, you are restless with desire,
While He is so carelessly self - sufficient,
The spells of wordly enchantment that
Bewitch you,
Do not effect Him at all."
from Astris, released December 15, 2023
Music Composition: Iasonas Psarakis
Music Production: Nikolas Gkinis
Music Arrangement: Iasonas Psarakis & Nikolas Gkinis

Vocals: Rituparna Banerjee
Sitar, Esraj, Bulgari: Iasonas Psarakis
Ney: Bahram Deyjour
Tabla: Ricky Chakraborty
Synthesizer: Nikolas Gkinis

Recorded at:
Groova Studio - Sound Engineering/ Mixing/ Mastering: Nikolas Gkinis
Jungle Studio - Sound Engineering: Sanjay Khyapa
Korshid Ahang Studio - Sound Engineering: Mohammad Nosrati
Dharoon Studio - Sound Engineering: Sandipa Sarker

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