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About "Hai Hai - Msafiri Zawose & Hjerlmuda (from The Upcoming Album "Tija")"
This is another collaboration with my MusicFriend Msafiri Zawose from Tanzania whom I recently had the pleasure to meet in Person in Dresden, Germany.

It was just published in Tanzania on his new Album "Tija"
and will soon also be available on I-Tunes etc.
Please, do consider supporting him by clicking on the DownloadLink!

Msafiri Zawose is one of the most admired Gogo musicians alive today. His father, the late Hukwe Zawose was a musical giant, an influential figure in post-independence Tanzania, a master musician and one of the most mesmerizing performers ever seen. Msafiri is determined to honour and preserve his family’s rich musical heritage. Gogo music, originating in Central Tanzania, derives its unique sound from the mixture of the traditional instruments and vocal harmonies. Msafiri has mastered a wide variety of instruments from marimba (balafon), zeze (two-stringed violin), ilimba (pentatonically tuned thumb piano) and ngoma (traditional drums). He has a transient voice spanning a wide range of styles and sounds, transporting his listeners to a different world. Msafiri has established himself as a positive musical force within Tanzania, preserving tradition, but with a modern twist. He has maintained close ties to his traditional Gogo roots, whilst creating a new and exciting energy that is contagious to anyone who hears it.