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About "Sabaly" my new album

Oct 3, 2020
About \ "Sabaly" means patience.
My father, before he died a few years ago, was advising me "be patient, calm down, work", and I am trying to apply this in my daily life especially with my music.
This Album is a mix of influence. I composed it in Mali, but also in Haiti when traveling there. I have meat lots of talented musicians and they probably influenced some of my music.
"Sabaly" is also an African Rock Album with songs such as "I'm ready to sing" or "Mugy Madé" (don't give up).
One of the songs "Boale Diallo" is an homage or a special thanks to a man called Boale Diallo who gave me a guitar (my first guitar) a professional Fender. I have composed most of the songs from this Album with this guitar.
"Sabaly" talks about our environement, with a song called "Suigida Lakana" (our environment) and the need for protecting our nature.
Finally, two songs about love ("Kanou" and "Toubani").
My Album on Amazon: https://www.amazon.fr/sABALY-Hadja-Fanta-Diabat%C3%A9/dp/B07NL8KLG4
on Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/en/artist/59168182
My Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYMJxyQvTM3Zy5kmbLoCclA

Thanks and a big hug to all !