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About "Air"
"Air" is a seamless sixty-minute music composition created to accompany a yoga practice of equal length. The music begins with a deep drone. Like a super-inhalation, the drone builds by degrees. A musical exhale follows and introduces the main section of the piece. For the next twenty-two minutes an uplifting feeling of energy increases. The exhilarating sounds of soaring lines in the chorus, guitars and bells at 37:05 marks the high point. Soon after, the music breaks down to a texture consisting of drums that recalls earlier rhythms. A final build up in the chorus leads to a musical exhale of sound and release of energy. A resonant full-throated drone signals the arrival for an extended "savasana." The sounding of four strikes on a Tibetan singing bowl closes the practice.

For yoga instructors, "Air" solves the problem of having to make playlists or change tracks mid-class. From the student’s perspective, Air removes the distraction of the changing of tracks or mismatched playlists. Plus, the form of Air outlines the overarching energy levels found in a well-planned one-hour yoga practice: gradual warming up of the body, building to a sustained peak and followed by a calming down to "savasana."