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About "Al'chaiba"
Lyrics and Composition: Traditional Yemenite
Recorded by: Ben Aylon @ Black Guru Studios
Produced by: Ben Aylon
Mix and Mastering by: Nir Averbuch
Arrangement: Gulaza

Igal Mizrahi - Vocals
Ian Aylon - Guitar
Hilla Epstein - Cello
Ben Aylon - Percussion

Lyrics (translation by Natalie Feinstein):
I don’t want that cheater
You will never bury me!
If he were made of solid gold
I’d still avert my eyes from him.

I don’t want that cheater
Oh, so fragile is my soul,
It stinks, undignified
My future’s black as coal.

I don’t want that cheater
For my soul rejects that man
I turn to God, I ask, I pray:
Please take away that man.

Ya yuma , how I wish I were
An eagle or a pigeon wild,
For then I could come visit you
And be right by your side.