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Influence: North American
Genre: world, rock, spiritual
About "Your Presence"
This song, “Your Presence” was inspired by a lovely, young lady friend of a few years ago. It is extremely passionate- resonating in desire, want, of a seemingly impossible love between two individuals set worlds apart in age: "Well sometimes it seems that we are worlds apart. In the vastness of this time, don't quite know where to start. Oh feel my yearning, hear my cry, just had to come and say hi. Oh just to be near you, no words spoken, enough to carry me through." It is a song too, of a deep spiritual connection and effect, which, any time that I have sung it live (as a duet with myself to the CD), women can express their gratitude and appreciation no further than the many tears they cry as they express to me afterward, "That is so very beautiful." For this I am so humbled and so eternally grateful that my music can touch another human being to this magnitude: to the inner-most being. Thank you!