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Gilles Zimmermann
October 10/25/14, 2014
vote for me please? It´s free!

Dear friends,

I am participating  in a contest Online this month. I don´t usually do that kind of thing, but I tried, and although I started a bit late, I´ve been steadily climbing up the ranks since then.

Today I am #330, and it looks like it´s feasible. There are 6 days to go, the result is at the end of October.

You can help me if you are on Facebook, it´s free, one registers one´s own Facebook login and can vote (green button right) up to once an hour (please as much as possible!).

It might also interest other musicians, as anybody can participate.
If you fancy, you can also vote for my friend Katsumi Yoshihara, as he told me into this :)
(and discover other artists as well)

Pass it on to your friends if you please, a big thank you!




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Reunite Plato, the viola da gamba (acoustic & electric), dust off Baroque and Jazz, Electronics without Terminator, while staying Original, is possible!

In short: it´s Modern Western European Consort Music, with improvisation.

using all technical possibilities across all contemporar... more
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