February 02/08/23, 2023
new single with video very soon Le Lay de l´Eau -
I´m very happy to announce my new single, which is... 12 minutes long.

It will be followed by a video in 3 languages (French, English and German).

It is about the element water in its reason of Being, illustrating the swaying of the currents and various levels of transparency, the Chinese ideogram shuǐ (for "water"), sleeping humans because it is the daily moment of return to the Principle, the swaying of the hammock, childrens´ swings...

To help with some orientation for the listener's meditation, I used Taoist texts that speak of water, rephrasing (sometimes) the translations according to the images available.

Is there more mind-blowing symbolism than that of Taoist texts? Symbols in sounds, images and words for age-old and timeless wisdoms, turned inwards, therefore independent of any place.

I've always been fascinated by Taoist writings for their "staggering" side, this way of sending you on a parable under the guise of irrationality, until contemplation brings out the meaning, for the greatest pleasure of the Spirit. It is indeed much easier to define something by using negative expressions that say what it is not. Composing this piece of music has been a rare pleasure.

Official release date on Spotify: 03 03 2023. I am considering a shorter version to post here, very soon, I promise!
Everything available soon on Bandcamp and YouTube

Love and Peace to all