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Gilles Zimmermann
December 12/31/18, 2018
busy finish, busy start - Time to bring some news, and there are quite a few!

   Dear music lovers,
   It's time for "good resolutions", but for me it's just the continuation of the same project.
   I am lucky to have my muse - which amuses me a lot, yes – I only need to take any instrument, and in a few moments, new musical ideas are there, ready to be developed.
   As for example what I showed in two videos that I put on my YouTube, with the monochord borrowed from my friend Shiatsu artist Helmut Kreil (and most of all my overtone singing teacher), and the basic scale explained by Plato in the Timaeus.

  The important thing being the discovery for any music lover - also a musician - that to make or listen to music is to act at the level of the World Soul (nothing less, indeed), therefore the psychic level. I hope to make it clear why one should be very careful where one puts one´s fingers, and ears ...
   I have done a page with a never published article written by my other friend artist, photographer, poet and metaphysician, Xavier Mignon, but, as it is in French, and much too long and special to translate, I prefered few explanations and a link to a wonderful book in free Download on the English page.
                              The Wind Cries Satie - new CD
  Ah, here he is! The Friday before Christmas, I received the 11 pieces of the mastering, and I could have finally published all, unfortunately, I had to refuse them for purely technical reasons, that are, however, good news for me: I spent so much time on the mixes that I could almost do without mastering. In short, my friend Hartmut had a little too much compression, and all the refinements of the arrangements were somewhat jeopardized. As mastering is necessary for internet and pressing, I prefer here to have the touch of a professional.
 With the end of the year holidays, we´ll have to wait, I think it's only a matter of a week though. On my newly actualized homepage you can see a preview of the cover.

 It will be for the moment available only online, perhaps will I do a pressing later in the year if I find enough concerts, and my finances allow it...

Tweedledee, tweedledum, that's all folks!
Oh no, I forgot:
I wish you all the best you wish for the next year!


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Reunite Plato, the viola da gamba (acoustic & electric), dust off Baroque and Jazz, Electronics without Terminator, while staying Original, is possible!

In short: it´s Modern Western European Consort Music, with improvisation.

using all technical possibilities across all contemporar... more
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