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About "Tres Hermanicas - Sephardic Song in Ladino"
Tres Hermanicas - Sephardic Song in Ladino
I am happy to share with you Tres Hermanicas, a song I had the pleasure to present at the last Zachor Festival in Białystok. Thanks to festival director Lucy Lisowska for inviting us. Enjoy

Gerard Edery - vocals, guitar
Marcin David Krol - violin
Lucjan Szaliński-Bałwas - viola, violin
Arad Emamgholi - percussion

Ladino Lyrics
Tres hermanicas eran
Tres hermanicas son
Las dos estan casadas
El amor!
La chica en predición

El padre con verguensa
A Rodes la mano
En medio del camino
El Amor!
Castillo le fraguo

De piedra minudica
Y laja al rededor
Sin puerta y sin ventanas
El amor!
Que non suva varón

English Lyrics
There were three sisters,
They are sisters three
Two are married
Oh love!
The youngest is fallen

The father out of shame
Sent her to Rhodes
But on the way
Oh love!
He built a castle for her

Of fine stone
And marble all around
Without a door nor windows
Oh love!
So that no man could reach her