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About "A Mone nyina de François Essindi et la Tag Ekang Music Experiences..."
Tag Ekang Music Experiences... Musique traditionnelles Avant-gardiste...
François ESSINDI is an artist and a musician from Cameroon.
He plays traditional wind, skin-stretched, stringed and body-activated instruments such as :
Stringed :Mvet, Ngomo (traditional harps)
Wind : Pygmy flute, leaves, mouth –activated bow
Drums : Nkul ( calling drum), Ngom (long drum), Djembe, Cajon, …
Body percussion : snail-shell and hazelnut, body drumming
Educated at the National Orchestra of Cameroon and thanks to many trainings and cultural meetings, François is also an actor and followed many educational sessions via the Goethe Institut in Yaoundé and the French Culture Centre in Yaoundé.
A professional actor, François played with several theatre companies in Cameroon. Among others he shared a long adventure along with the Eyala Pena company, a road theatre company. He also shared a project together with the Un-Excursus theatre company, from Montrouge, France.
François ESSINDI is a current member of the ALEPH theatre company in Ivry-sur-Seine, France.
François as a musician :
François music- wise works with different artists from various backgrounds, works with dance and theatre companies as an actor or music composer.
Composes or co-operates on movies as an actor, composer or co-author. He works with and upon traditional music instruments, that are on the verge of extinction, and which he handcrafts himself in Paris, sometimes modifying their original shape. He defines his music as ”The Tag Ekang Music Experience” … : bring together on stage instruments, sounds, machines and musicians from all backgrounds.
François performs in schools, penitentiaries, on concert in cultural places for festivals and in the corridors of the Parisian metro, as a certified artist of the Parisian metro since 2009.