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Franck Biyong shows us his afroelectric mould taking shape with his album, “Moonwatching 2”

Dec 19, 2023
Franck Biyong shows us his afroelectric mould taking shape with his album, “Moonwatching 2” The way Franck Biyong composes is unlike any other musician you will find. This artist
has blended roots of Afrobeat to a jazz and electric sound that has a vantage point on
the contemporary. His latest album is a thematic entrance into a slice of time which
only he can master. This album is called Moonwatching 2.

When he approaches music, he has to find an incredible balance between these two different
styles. It might not mean much as listeners, but to find that razor fine line, that is what
Franck Biyong is working with. His music has a resonating power to it that fuses elements
of the West with the vernacular heartbeat of Cameroon. New Crescent shows this exact
sentiment, and you can hear it in the electric influences, even in the tones and monologues.
It is like the opening of Maggot Brain by Parliament, where some delectable guitar notes
introduce you to the rich textures.

In tonal heaven, all the way

Leave it to Franck Biyong to genuinely surprise you. The next song has the soul of rock,
but teases with tones and compositional parts that you’d never put together. He is able
to manipulate the feelings of a voice you can never hear, just by how he composes. Fever
might be one of my favourites from this talented artist, with elements of blues, soul and
rock convening in grace.

Music Better proceeds with a funky effect, and a unique time signature. Just this can
give you a nice peek into his brain, where you’re also hearing a Hendrix like riff
with percussions that are clearly having African roots. There is this cinematic edge
to his music because of the experience and civil way he performs the marriage of such
different genres. Moonwatching 2 is thematically perfect, these are his thoughts
and muses without trying to disturb the sonic membrane of either of these genres.

To explore, and to seek

Franck Biyong retains the key to soft soundscapes with Soldier Boy. It is a sensitive,
soothing single with honey like melodies. How it all overlaps, is not even worth
discussing, for it is like a door to paradise. Biyong has detailed the sounds to
move from groovy to funky, rock to stylish and punchy, and the result is incredible.
I’d like to pick this artist’s brain just to know how he comes up with the concepts
he sees through. The guitars are really the ones shining under the lunar halo, and
they differ in tone with each song. Freedom Day even has that patriotic element with
the percussion building, creating an excitement.

By the time you hear On This Road and Dreamland, you’re spellbound. If we were to
send extra-terrestrial life perfect music that showcases more than one part of the
world, Franck Biyong has done the necessary. Listen to his album here and dwell
in fascination.