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Franck Biyong Returns with Monumental Album ‘Moonwatching 2’

Dec 19, 2023
Franck Biyong Returns with Monumental Album ‘Moonwatching 2’ The keen reader will be acutely aware of talented ‘Afrolectric’ creator Franck Biyong. Having appeared in our publication already with ‘Silence is Music’, we know a thing or two about him too. A nuanced and experienced guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Biyong champions a truly organic and authentic artistry, preferring electric, actual instruments to modern digital stylings. Drawing from his African roots and the wider Jazz and Funk tradition, Franck builds sonic landscapes which are hypnotising and charming, while also packed with great musicianship.
‘Moonwatching 2’ is Biyong’s latest effort, a powerful and colourful jump into everything the project stands for. Creating a meaningful and wholesome bridge between African elements and Western influences, he discovers something new; the union of two cultures and traditions. The result is both musically and socially relevant. A long yet lively album, ‘Moonwatching 2’ flourishes over seven groovy and playful tunes, perfectly guided by Franck’s virtuoso guitar playing, very melodic and controlled.

Speaking about his artistry, he explains: “I want to tear down the barrier that separates African music from the mainstream. I want to get inside that space and bring enough African flavour into the rock n’ roll world to create a distinctive sound.”