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February 02/27/23, 2023
Franck Biyong and Florie Namir Team Up on Empowering Anthem ‘Silence is Music’

Historically, when the global order seems to be reaching a boiling point, art comes
to the rescue. In fact, one could argue that the primary role of artists is to inspire,
empower and drive cultural change, striving for the better. Well, Florie Namir and
Franck Biyong do exactly that.

After connecting through digital avenues, the two musical heroes used their combined
strengths to create a stunning piece of lyrical sensibility, ‘Silence is Music’. On an
eclectic bed of soothing, jazzy afrobeat, the two talents declare a message of cooperation
and peace, birthing a relatable song that seeks to highlight the power of dialogue
and self-acceptance.

This is a much-needed statement, especially during volatile and complex times. It also
works very well with Namir and Biyong’s artistries. The evocative vocals of the Israeli
songstress pair perfectly with Biyong’s masterful guitar playing and charming,
soulful vocal tone.


Discover ‘Silence is Music’ on Spotify: