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Single Review: “Silence Is Music” – Florie Namir & Franck Biyong

Feb 14, 2023
Single Review: “Silence Is Music” – Florie Namir & Franck Biyong https://platinummind.net/index.php/2023/02/13/single-review-silence-is-music-florie-namir-franck-biyong/

Florie Namir is back with a stunning ballad and a duet partner – Franck Biyong. Their voices
are very different, Frank has a soulful touch whereas Florie’s vocals are suited to folk/jazz
but they find a middle ground, and this song is a perfect vehicle for this.

It’s an acoustic number, the percussion is gorgeous, something that tends to get buried just
for ear candy but everything in this track has a purpose… hold up is that a tabla? Nice!

And the string arrangement is beautiful too.

The harmonies that are used here are what caught my ear initially, and that’s my favourite
part of the song, Florie and Franck’s ability to just meld together makes me want to give
them a round of applause.

The chorus lyrics for me is what gets me:

“Silence is music

Silently dreaming

Silence is music

Silently breathing

Silence is music

And the moon can find a place within a song

And the moon can find a place within a song.”

Florie Namir is a Tel Aviv-born singer-songwriter and pianist who offers a refreshingly
vibrant blend of 1940’s American jazz vocal stylings fused with classic pop music
influences. BBC Introducing artist and winner of the UK Songwriting Contest.

Cameroonian musician Franck Biyong, leader of the band Massak, is the creator of the
“Afrolectric” sound. Afrolectric weds Afrobeat to vanguard jazz and electro-driven funk.