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Florie Namir, Franck Biyong-Silence is Music | In the quiet

Feb 10, 2023
Florie Namir, Franck Biyong-Silence is Music | In the quiet https://sinusoidalmusic.com/2023/02/10/florie-namir-franck-biyong-silence-is-music/

Florie Namir and Franck Biyong met by chance, on a platform founded by Tina Turner.
What they made after is the furthest thing from chance. Like a moment that is meant
to happen, they put their minds together to create something magical in just 11 days.
This is their single, Silence is Music. Brace yourself for a moment that might be as
brilliant as it is intoxicating.

Franck Biyong has remodeled what we know about Afroelectric guitar. With a style that
is so uniquely cultural and melodic, this song shows Florie Namir’s vocal presence with
Franck Biyong’s work. The dreamy tune dances within a well arranged soundscape, and
everything is balanced to let the vocals shine. The chords dance as an accompaniment,
letting the spotlight fall on the incredible illusion of the instruments. Double bass
player Lila Horovitz and cellist Tess Crowther add a playful rhythm around it that is
unique, yet proceeds to aid the floating theme of this song. As the percussion dances
in tandem with the instruments, you feel yourself sink into the depth of the song.

Franck Biyong does his part with his vocal performance as well, and the salsa between
their vocals is nothing less than sorcery. The gentle transitions show true moments
of genius and grace. By the time you’re part of the second verse, you’re transported
to another region. You can hear more of Franck Biyong’s beautiful tone and arrangement
styles by following him on Spotify, Power Brain and Anywhere Trouble are some must
listen tracks.

Listen to their single here:


Review by Nishant Varma