February 02/10/23, 2023
Silence is Music...New Single...February 10th 2023 https://franckbiyong1.bandcamp.com/track/silence-is-music

“Florie Namir and Franck Biyong have come together to create “Silence Is Music”,
a soothing song reflecting on conflict and its potentially devastating consequences
on us all. The melodiesand sounds bring forth a melancholic call for spiritual relief.
As stated by both musicians: “Whereas we may be hurting and fighting, there is still
room for dialogue and self-­acceptance;the emptiness some may feel is bound to be
replaced withgratitude when one dares to look at life from a different angle”.

Florie, Israeli native London-­‐based jazz-­‐pop songstress and Franck, Cameroonian
Afrolectric guitar wizard met through the Beyond Music platform founded by Tina Turner,
which aim seeks to connect musicians from all genres and walks of life worldwide. “Silence
Is Music” was conceived in a mere 11 days, inspiring these creative performers on a
different route, while incorporating their individual styles and personal influences.
Talented female musicians added further powerful and heartfelt instrumentation:
Argentinean double bass player Lila Horovitz and Canadian cellist Tess Crowther.

Franck, who wrote the majority of the lyrics (with Florie contributing the final
verse) composed and curated this cohesive endeavor…It has a stellar and eerie feel
driven by acoustic instrumentation, open chord guitars, subtle African percussion
weighed by some delicate piano and spacey electronic sounds. Florie’s silky smooth
vocal delivery as well as Franck’s spoken word tone add serenity and solace to an
anxious world contemplation made of doubt and fear, but ultimately leading the way
to a glimpse of hope and faith in the style of a modern day gospel song…”

Vocals, Piano -­‐ Florie Namir
Double Bass -­‐ Lila Horovitz
Cello -­‐ Tess Crowther
Drum Programming, Sound Effects, Talking Drum,
Congas, Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals -­‐ FB

Recording engineers: Auguste Manly * Maxwell Ochieng * FB
Recorded @ Studio Quadrature & Dynamix Studios
Mixed by Grant Phabao & FB @ T.i.m.e.c. Studios
Mastered by Benjamin Lafont & FB @ Shelmi Studios
Line Production by Ruth Kioko
Artwork by Hilun Visuals

‘Basogol ba bok bisu
Ba mbem bes ni dingoma’