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Ezra Vancil
About "Get Together "
from You
Ezra Vancil Acoustic Guitars, Highstrung Acoustic, Vocals
Lori Martin Bass & Vocals
Kent Smith Piano
Drums & Percussion Chris Brush
Dobro Slide Jay Stapley
Producer Ezra Vancil
Co-Producer David Castell
Executive Producers, Eliot Vancil & Timothy Taylor
Engineer Mark Hallman
Recorded at Congress House Studio In Austin

an American singer/songwriter based in Dallas, Texas. While in the past he has written and recorded in the rock, pop, and  experimental genres, a more mature Vancil has now found a sense of permanent belonging and connection within the community of Americana artists.  Ezra also has a love and fascination with the rhythms and percussion of India as well as some Latin territories; hi... more
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