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Journey Through Melody: Rolanda Semedo

About Rolanda
Dec 24, 2023
Journey Through Melody: Rolanda Semedo Portuguese jazz singer and songwriter Rolanda Semedo has been enchanting audiences with her soulful voice and creative artistry for years. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, her musical journey has been marked by a consistent evolution, from her early days in a rock band and as a contestant on various music shows, to her emergence as a solo artist with a distinctive style.

Rolanda's debut album "VIDA," released in 2014, was a significant milestone in her career, showcasing her ability to blend jazz with other genres, creating a unique sound. Following this, she collaborated with the international smooth jazz band Threestyle for her single "Salta Brinca," which was released worldwide in September 2016. This track exemplified her knack for fusion and her ability to work seamlessly with other artists.

In January 2022, Rolanda released "Passageiro," her latest single, available for streaming and download. This single adds another dimension to her growing discography, which includes popular songs like "Corda Bamba," "Vida," "O teu olhar," and "O mundo a girar," among others​​.

Apart from her studio recordings, Rolanda has been actively engaging her audience through her web show "MY FAVOURITE SONGS." This platform allows her to explore and interpret both classic tunes and her original compositions. The show is known for its relaxed, emotion-filled settings and features collaborations with artists across various styles and nationalities, promising joy, humor, and plenty of surprises​​.

Another facet of Rolanda's artistic expression is her radio program, "Jazz a Meia Noite com Rolanda Semedo." This program, presented by Toze Novais, has become a popular feature on Mixcloud, where Rolanda shares her top jazz selections, further cementing her position in the jazz community​​.

Rolanda's blog also highlights her passion beyond music, delving into literature, poetry, dance, cooking, travel, and fashion. Her commitment to using music as a medium for joy, creativity, and self-expression is evident in her work and interactions with her fans.