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Derrik Jordan
About "Lulu's Raga"
Lulu's Raga was born from an improvised theme that I created with my group Natural History at a live show. It stuck and I have done a few versions of it including one arrangement for string orchestra and percussion as part of my 4 movement piece "Four Unknowns." In that piece it is called "Monkey Mind." This version features my good friends Jared Shapiro on cello and Barry Hyman on sitar. I am playing the 5 string electric violin and percussion, etc.

Living in southern Vermont, Derrik Jordan has sung national jingles, worked with many bands and has had his songs recorded by other artists, but what really excites him is writing, recording and performing his original music.

He is an award-winning singer-songwriter and composer, multi-instrumentalist (electric violin, percussion, guitar and piano), recording artist and produce... more
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