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About "Black Moon (Korean Version) "
Track #13 of the CD "On The Road" by Kim Dong-Won with Comin & Goin (2008, SONY/BMG SB70195C/88697160042); music by Dong-Won Kim, Gerald Rumpold; Line-up: Dong-Won Kim - Vocal, Percussion; Gerald Rumpold - Bass Guitar, Eva Singer - Violin, Kaspar Singer - Cello, Dieter Sailer - MIDI-instruments; "When I listened to some simple bass chords that were suggested by Gerald Rumpold for 'Black Moon', suddenly I was reminded of one of my favorite Buddhist poems, which was sung by master 'Podae' (Zen Buddhism monk in China). The poem begins like this, 'I fall to sleep with Buddha every night, I wake up with Buddha every morning...'; it brings a message of 'Every individual is potentially a Buddha. Don't seek the Buddha outside of yourself.' I just changed the word 'Buddha' into 'I' and added several lines of my own poem. I believe that the ultimate is the perennial question of our lives and we should all strive to be a light unto ourselves amidst darkness." (Kim Dong-Won)