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About "Beyond The Horizon "
Track #12 of the CD "On The Road" by Kim Dong-Won with Comin & Goin (2008, SONY/BMG SB70195C/88697160042); music by Dieter Sailer; Line-up: Dong-Won Kim - Kkwaenggwari,Janggo, Buk; Dieter Sailer - MIDI-instruments, Sampling; "'Beyond the Horizon' is Dieter Sailer’s total-composition. He and I experimented with my voice and different instrumental music and then recorded it. He created a fabulous song through the sound-editing of this medley of music that he recorded. I had no idea that my voice would be in such harmonious accord with an Africanesque percussive sensibility. It was an unexpected gift." (Kim Dong-Won)