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About "A Road "
Track #7 of the CD "On The Road" by Kim Dong-Won with Comin & Goin (2008, SONY/BMG SB70195C/88697160042); Line-up: Dong-Won Kim - Buk, Klaus Falschlunger - Sitar; "'A Road' is played like a narrative story. As we all know, the sitar has an extraordinary sound, overtones, and a remarkable spirit. Normally, it is accompanied by the Tabla; however, I wanted to contrast the sound by using a very low-pitched drum. Musically, I tried to express the rhythm not as meter, but as energy through the deconstruction of rhythms. For this, I created a story. In this narrative, my drum is like a young son who is leaving on a long trip and the sitar is the wind who represents the wise mother of land; the wind gives sagacious advice to the son. My story is also about curiosity, immature courage, agony, and the growth of the son through the various encounters he has during his journey. The barrel-shaped drum used in this track was made by my friend, Thomas Weiss (www.TwicePercussion.ch), a wonderful Swiss percussionist and a very creative instrument maker. Thomas was inspired on a visit to Korea when he saw and heard a drum that was used in the Korean Monk Dance; he created new possibilities for this drum by constructing different pitches for it. I played its different pitches on both drumheads, like playing the Janggo." (Kim Dong-Won)