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About "Afrotik"
Track #3 of the CD "On The Road" by Kim Dong-Won with Comin & Goin (2008, SONY/BMG SB70195C/88697160042); music by Gerald Rumpold; arr. by Dong-Won Kim, Dieter Sailer; Line-up: Dong-Won Kim - Kkwaenggwari, Janggo, Buk, Vocal, Klaus Falschlunger - Sitar, Paul Heis - Tenor Saxophone, Erwin Vindl - Buk, Bernhard Noriller - Janggo, Percussions; "With 'Afrotik' I poured into them my passion for new meetings of diverse music. Originally, 'Afrotik' is a piece from the repertoire of Comin & Goin. I added Janggo, Kkwaenggwari, and vocal improvisation to it. It was interesting for me to combine it with the most popular Korean traditional rhythmic patterns such as 'Hwimori,' 'Jajinmori,' and 'Gukkori'." (Kim Dong-Won)