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About "Road To Heaven "
Track #1 of the CD "On The Road" by Kim Dong-Won with Comin & Goin (2008, SONY/BMG SB70195C/88697160042); music by Kim Hong-Jip, arr. by Gerald Rumpold, Dieter Sailer; Line-up: Dong-Won Kim - Kkwaenggwari, Janggo, Buk, Michael Hornek - Piano, Klaus Falschlunger - Sitar, Gerald Rumpold - Bass Guitar, Dieter Sailer - MIDI-instruments/Acoustic guitar; "Road to Heaven" is the ending title of the movie sound track "Happy Undertaker". When Kim Dong-Won recorded this tune in 1999 for the first time, his feeling for this tune was "refreshing". Gerald Rumpold and Dieter Sailer arranged it beautifully. Sitar, piano, bass, and guitar play the theme and chords of the harp, with orchestral string sound effects added to it. "If we are able to take a walk to the heaven, the feeling must be like this." (Kim Dong-Won)