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Comin & Goin
About "Three Steps Are Not Enough "
polyrhythm 4 over 3 including a flamenco-guitar solo; music by Bernhard Noriller; line-up: Alex Mayer (didgeridoo), Paul Heis (tenor saxophone, flute), Klaus Falschlunger (sitar), Bernhard Kowatsch (guitar, guitar-synthesizer), Dietmar Rumpold (flamenco-guitar), Gerald Rumpold (six-string-bass), Sani Kunchev (cajon, congas, percussions), Erwin Vindl (surdo), Bernhard Noriller (changgo, percussions, berimbau, voice), Dieter Sailer (acoustic set-up, noises, instrumental editing/cutting, recording, mixing and mastering)

The Music of Comin & Goin

Meditative, exciting and full of fantasy is the music of Comin & Goin, a wide and expansive sound spectrum for body, spirit and soul. Just as the instruments which come from all over the world so too are the artistic roots of the seven musicians deeply anchored in many styles and generations: traditional Asiatic, Latin American and African perc... more
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