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About "Lost Waves Feat. Johnfaustus (Wavelength Remix)"
Tranceparence Records sont très fiers de vous présenter leur toute nouvelle compilation gratuite ✨''The Bliss Of Being''✨ compilée par DJ Enakim et D.j. Prana Papa incluant des titres de:
DigiCult, Pulsar & Thaihanu, Astral Waves, beatfarmer, GNAÏA, Vanbastik, Spirit Travelers, SECRET VIBES, Xnorophis, Black Marvin, Cardamohm, Wavelength Music, Elegy, Pulsar, Ascent, Symon - aka Psymon, Stereo Space Music, Frog Prog, Sheewton, Kola Papass, Raindrop, Futurgenetic, Vuchur

Cardamohm is the live project of System NO3 & Try Low Beat.Blending machines and a whole bunch of magic flutes, the duo creates a world of contrasts and invite you to a deep journey into the trance music.No ingredient should be banned when creating music, it's all about dosing. Cardamohm's recipe mixes techno grooves, distorded acidlines, dubby keyboards, powerful basslines and ethereal lan... more
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