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Influence: Gypsy , Mediterranean
About "Munnu Iera I Munnu Sarà"
The title of the song "Munnu Iera i Munnu Sarà", means "How the world was and how it will be".

The lyrics are in the dialect of Rotonda (Italy), which allows an effective use of metaphors to condemn the environmental and social issues that are affecting the earth. Some of the issues that the song makes reference to are acid rain and the pollution of rivers, as well as its main cause (the humans), and the cathartic and inevitable effect of natural phenomena, in front of which men have no power as it's always too late to do something. The earth has lost its colours and its inhabitants lose their identity while relying on meaningless disillusions. Another reference is made to the importance given to money, which has significant repercussions on the quality of life and often turns out to be fatal to life itself.