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About "More Piya | Original AudioTrack| Nandighosha Group | Bijayashree Samal | Tarana CD"
More Piya
CD-Tarana, Released on: 2019-12-06 by Unit Records, Switzerland
Genre: Indian spiced Jazz/ World music/ Indo-Jazz Fusion

Music Credits
Bijayashree Samal- vocals, composition
Bruno Steffen- piano, harmonium, programming, arranging
Ekkehard Sassenhausen- alto saxes, bass clarinet
Rätus Flisch- bass
Robert Mark- drums, percussion
Vivek Bhurtun- Tabla
Andy Kruesi/ sound-design.ch- sound mixing
℗2019, SUISA, Bijayashree Samal
'More Piya' is an original single composed by Switzerland based Hindustani classical singer/composer Dr Bijayashree Samal and arranged by Jazz pianist Bruno Steffen, also based in Switzerland. The song celebrates the immortal love story of Radha and Krishna in India and blends together the ethereal beauty of Hindustani classical music with the very flamboyant Jazz. The song is based on Raga Bilaskhani Todi sung in early morning between 6–9am.

The song has been performed by 'NANDIGHOSHA', an Indian Spiced Jazz/ World Music Group, founded by Bijayashree Samal, Bruno Steffen and Ekkehard Sassenhausen in 2017; the group also includes musicians like Vivek Bhurtun, Robert Mark and Rätus Flisch. The song has been recorded, mixed and mastered in Switzerland.