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About "Go Man Go"
The lyrics sung in four languages - English, Swahili, Brazilian Portuguese and French - are a humorous commentary on how there is never enough time in the day to get everything done.
It features virtuoso flute solos on bass, flute and lead guitar.
composers: Sultan Makendé & Francis Fuster
Bass, and lead vocal: Sultan Makendé
Portuguese lead vocal: Dani Pompeo
Percussion & backing vocals: Francis Fuster
Guitars: Phil Dawson (solo) and Cão Preto (rhythm)
Rhodes Piano: Ndugu Kidogo
Trumpet & Flugelhorn: Claude Deppa
Flute & Saxes: Dave Chambers
Drums: Arnaud Delafosse Conga Solo: Asabre Quaye

Baranta Are a group of diverse musicians who have teamed up to produce an exciting new percussive sound. Baranta Came together in late 2006 when Sierra Leonean Francis Fuster, world renowned percussionist, and Kenyan Sultan Makendé, well known producer and bassist, decided to put an Afro - Latin fusion band together. Baranta Have a unique sound in that they fuse traditional African drum... more
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